Winter Card tutorial – yes, I’m insane!

HI, everyone! You may all call me crazy, but all this heat is making me long for Winter… I know, I know, you are probably saying I must have something wrong in this Brazilian mind, but I had never seen snow until I moved to Canada 4 years ago, so to me and my family, the “white stuff” is still pretty awesome! 🙂

So, to scare away the heat and to get everyone ready for Winter I decided to share a fun Tutorial on how to create a silhouette card. Here we go:

1. Supplies:

Circle Punch – Fiskars

Square Punch

Ribbon Punch


Winter Stamp Set – Inkadinkadoo


Embossing Powder – Silver

2. Cut half a circle from the edge of your card using your circle punch

3. Cut a second circle, smaller than the first one and overlapping it as well.

4. Cut a third circle, overlapping with the second and smaller than it.

5. The 3 circles will form half of the body of the snowman.

6. Cut the hat by overlapping your square punch and the smallest circle.

7. You can see the silhouette forming.

8. Using the ribbon punch, cut the lid of the hat.

9. Adhere the buttons on the inside of the card.

10. Using your versamark, the Inkadinakadoo stamps and the embossing powder, add the sentiment and some snowflakes.

11. Here is a closer look on the card.

12. And here is the card ready!

Fun, isn’t it? I love to play with my punches…

How about you? Are you already thinking about Christmas?

Thanks for stopping by!

Dani Donner


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