Week 12… :/

No… Your eyes are not playing tricks on you… I just finished week 12 of Project Life *sigh*. I should be reasonable and give up, but I can’t! I promised myself I would finish this project this year… It was a great way to use my stash and keep current with my pictures… But it is HARD to keep up!

So hard! Lief gets in the way, and then new projects or pages pop up in your head and you feel guilty you are not taking enough pictures, or making quick notes to yourself or spending your free time playing Civilization on your iPad…

But I won’t give up! I’ll keep with this pace i necessary, I’ll use whatever I have on my notes and my pictures, I’m doing single pages per week… And I will finish this! ๐Ÿ™‚

So… With no further ado… Here is my week 12:


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2 thoughts on “Week 12… :/

  1. Lilith says:

    Good for you. I just played catch up this week too! It will be treasure for later!

  2. sasha farina says:

    week 12 is not so bad!! keep it up!! you’re inspiring me. I’m behind as well ๐Ÿ˜€

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