Friday for the Record

Gabriel is sick. He is complaining about a sore throat and has a low fever running since Wednesday night and that totally devastates me. I had a Project Life week to share here scheduled for yesterday, but I forgot all about it when my little boy fell sick.

So today I would like to spill out my feelings about this part of being a mom, for the record.

There is nothing worse than seeing a sick child, it is just plain horrible. Their small bodies are so frail, so not ready to deal with any of this… Seeing YOUR child sick is devastating! Even if it only a common cold, you are never prepared for the flood of feelings you are about to experience.

You feel helpless, powerless, you loose control… You know your child is hurting and you know you would give ANYTHING to be in his place, but you just can’t. While holding his small (too warm) body next to you waiting for Tylenol to bring the fever down you know you would switch place with him.

Gabriel is not that sick, it’s just a sore throat, but he is only 4 and it is not fair that he looks at me hoping his “super mom”, his comfort, will take this nasty hurt away and I can’t do that!

I can only imagine what the other mothers, the ones that are not as lucky as I am of only having to deal with a sore throat, the ones sitting in a hospital, pas through… And I prey every single minute of my life that I don’t get to experience anything like that. I’m selfish, I know, and I’m a horrible being for thinking like that, but I still prey anyway.

Thanks for stopping buy. I try to keep this blog as crafty as possible during the week, but Fridays are mine. They are mine to open my heart and record things I don’t want to forget…

Dani Donner

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