Lifting away…

Sometimes you are just too lazy to come up with a design/ideas to put a page together. Well, this was not the case in this lift. I have to admit, I’m not good when time comes to lift other people’s work, I just can’t put my mind into following “coordinates”, if you know what I mean. But that was not the case either (now you must be thinking “Can someone make this girl get to the point!”) 🙂

Well, the thing is, I loved this page by Diane Payne and couldn’t resist to do a full lift.

And here is my take, I used some washi tape behind the April 2012 and repeated it in each Polaroid frame:


Thanks for stopping by!

And I may have some great news tomorrow. 😉

Dani Donner

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2 thoughts on “Lifting away…

  1. fun take on the challenge!

  2. nirupama says:

    I love what you did with this lift. The washi tape behind the die cut looks great! I lifted this one too, but only had the plain frames. Hope your little boy feels better soon.

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