Hard to keep a crafty blog without talking about the most important thing in your life one of your favorite places to go for inspiration at the moment. And right now, there is now place like Pinterest for me.

Imagine a place where you can store all the coolest things you found online, the links I mean, and you can even share with your friends! Yeah, I know, right!! COOLEST THING EVA!!!

To prove I’m right (as if I needed something like that, I’m always right! Ask my husband…) check this page I made and the piece of art that inspired it:

Here is the inspo, by Lena Wolf:

And here is my take:


Thanks for stopping by!

Dani Donner

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6 thoughts on “PINTERESTED!

  1. jamie long says:

    You are funny 🙂 i am a total pinhead too. That page is amazing.

  2. Bernice says:

    Wow! Great take on that design.

  3. Sarah Webb says:

    Fabulous page! Love the inspiration too!

  4. Brenda says:

    very, very cool! Love pinterest!

  5. Nirupama says:

    Woww….it’s not easy to turn a pin into reality. You did it so well here. Love the way it looks!

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