Friday for the Record

For the Record

I believe that, if you want something, you gotta go out there and get it. I believe in the power o positive thinking, yes, but I also believe in the power of positive DOING!

Today I read a quote on Facebook (excuse my translation, it gets harder and harder to flip from Portuguese to English *sigh*) that made me stop an think:

The person who wants something, finds a way.
The one who doesn’t want to do anything, finds an excuse.”
-Roberto Shinyashiki-


This is the bare naked truth… You must DO something to reach your dreams, if you are not willing to get up and work hard or it, you are just findings excuses…

I’ll stop finding excuses in my life, I need to find more ways! More paths! No matter how difficult they seem to be.

So, for the record, I choose to act!

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2 thoughts on “Friday for the Record

  1. Michele H. says:

    this is so the TRUTH! so glad i clicked over to your space…love your thoughts. i needed to hear this today:) happy weekend to you!

  2. ajbsandme says:

    I love that quote – wish my 12-year-old excuse maker could comprehend the implications of that!

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