Submitting… with Style!

A wise man once said: “Be good. And if you can’t be good, be stylish” (it wasn’t actually a man, but a 10 year old girl – Anna Wootten, according to Inkadinkado’s stamp) and, well, let’s face it, I can’t be good, not when the subject is using-all-the-supplies-you-already-have-before-buying-another-sheet-of-paper… I love to buy Scrapbooking products (and hoard them!).

Anyways, so we already established that I’m not good, so my last hope is: being Stylish! Now that I can do (I think)!

With that in mind I decided to follow a great advice from Kinsey Wilson and make mysel a mini-album to track all the products I use on my pages, to makes things easier when I submit them to magazines, you know…

And, with that in mind, a cute Woodgrain mini-album from Studio Calico and their So Cal main kit this is what I made:


Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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One thought on “Submitting… with Style!

  1. terri sproul says:

    stop by to see your submission to be on the Robin Nest Design Team. Thanks

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