Friday for the Record

So I was thinking about ways to make me a better blogger (and by that I mean trying not to abandon this blog to its fate again) and I decided to copy all other cool bloggers with a series on a certain day of the week.

So here we are! Starting today I’ll use my Friday’s post to write down something I want to remember, a pertinent thought or anything that is worthy to know about me. Anyway, I think I did a poor job trying to explain it, but you’ll see what I mean with the entries… So here we go!

For The Record:

I hate realistic dreams! I had one last night (more like a nightmare) where my husband was cheating on me. It felt so real and I was so heartbroken that I woke up with tears in my eyes this morning… The worst part of those realistic dreams is that I can’t really detach them from reality, not completely at least.
So my poor husband is in for a day of grumpiness, suspicious looks and rancorous remarks without even done anything to truly deserve this kind of treatment.
I know this is random and I’m probably one of the few people that is NOT (I hope) a psychopath that can’t discern dream from reality on occasions, but talking about it here might help me remember that it was just a dream…


5 thoughts on “Friday for the Record

  1. topchild53 says:

    It’s okay the you know it’s not real,that will reduce the troubles the ignorant man will be going through

  2. topchild53 says:

    Reblogged this on Topchild53's Blog and commented:
    An eye opener

  3. jamie long says:

    I kept waking up last night after the same dream of having a flat tire, I certainly gave the car a good once over before we left.

  4. I once had a dream that I killed someone and buried them in the yard, even though at the time I lived in a condo with no yard. The deep feeling of guilt and horror took forever to go away. It was all so creepy and weird, so I know exactly what you’re talking about.

  5. That must have been very upsetting, I also feeling sorry for your poor husband đŸ™‚

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